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Accessories Attached 12kg and 45kg

Accessories Attached 12kg and 45kg

Accessories Attached 12kg and 45kg : the bottle valve, pressure regulator, wiring, mucous membranes co.

1. Van first comment:

Hand is turning valves (POL) or van shooting (COMPACT), mounted with automatic safety device exhaust gas pressure in the bottle when the pressure exceeds the permitted limit, the automatic shut off when the stove or have a problem leakage.


2. Pressure regulator:

PV GAS CYLINDER generally use V87 valves are imported from Thailand with very high safety and convenience for consumers when installed and used. Pressure regulator will automatically adjust pressure and volume of liquefied natural gas supply for the kitchen (or other media) are always stable, even in the case of liquefied gas left in the bottle is very small.


3.Day gas:

Made from rubber material for use in LPG, no fault, no gas leaks in the process used to ensure the tightness in the connector. On the wire is embossed with words like "PETROVIETNAM GAS."

4. Sealing:

Button lid tightly sealed with shrink film with white or blue, is covered parts / LPG bottle valve connector taken during transport and storage. On the mucous membrane can be immersed in the "PV" clear and sharp.

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